Telling your Story in Business to get your branding right.

We all have a pretty good idea of business and all the aspects of culture within the workplace and how we are supposed to be a team and so on. But, have you thought about the fact that your customers don’t care about any of that? They want to know your story. They want to see why you should be who they choose to do business with. They want to support a good cause and what better way than to know someone’s business story. You must understand the customers. I talked to a client over lunch just the other day. Curtis is the owner of a great company Garage Door Repair OKC and he understands his customers to a “T”. He explains, There are many opportunities to get a customer in your door. But, if they don’t feel like they resonate with you. They aren’t going to stick around. He explains that they had to reconfigure their brand story as do so many smaller businesses. When you get into business for yourself you don’t really understand that the brand of your company has to have a story to help people decide that they want to use you. Not all companies are doing anything close to what I am telling you and it’s alarming. We all have to look at the aspect of our business’ and think to ourselves. Would I do business with me? Depends, What are you all about? Look it’s definitely worth looking into if you haven’t yet for your business. The people writing your checks will be happy to continue doing so if they feel that they are giving their hard earned money to a good cause. What’s the first thing you could do to start the phase 1 project in your small business today? Will you be taking your customers advice and creating the business of their dreams or will you be making a change to build a great culture and a service that your clients can’t live without. But, one thing we know for sure is that you better be on your toes when you start doing this. It will open so many new doors and opportunities for you that it will be hard to keep up.

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