The cognitive Rules

People feel that the world is filled with a bunch of bird brains. Well, they may be correct. We have to look at it like this. People are trained as young children to understand that you must go to school, then to college, then get a good job and be comfortable and live happily ever after. B.s. That’s what that formula is. That is designed for a very small group of exceptions that will do just that. But, You probably not.

The thing is most people don’t understand that you must be able to stay uncomfortable. You will have a better outcome in most scenarios that are thrown at you. You will, however, need to see the bigger picture by being very self-aware. Most people, if you watch them closely, are in a fog most of their life. You will see the look of confusion on their face and will most everytime seem to be doing okay. People have a funny way of forming to what society says is the “Norm” is unbelievable. You must look deep into their lives and see if there is a way to help them wake up. Not all people are “asleep” though. There are some very aware people on this planet and they control 90% of the world’s wealth and income. Kind of scary right? The people on this planet have to look around and say. ” is this right?” Am I doing everything I can to not be average and a be the same as all the others wondering aimlessly in this lifetime? We will continue this conversation at another time. I have work to do and appreciate you taking the time to read this article.


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